Customer Testimonials:

Read what other Accordion Rose clients have to say about her work.


“Rose, just a note to let you know that the red accordion did great last weekend. Long, demanding festival and not one sticking note. . . not one. Bass sounded great. I could really tell the difference. Thanks again!!!”



“I had a bit of “Star Dust” in my eyes as I played my “Dream”. “You’ll Never  Know” just how appreciative I am of your work. It is surprising how much better things sound when they are all on the same sheet of music.  Now if my old fingers would just cooperate. “It is a Sin” to tell a lie, you done good!!!”



“Rosie, thanks for doing such a fine job. It is like putting on a much beloved garment to play my old Castiglione again. I rehearsed with my band this afternoon and they like it, too.”

– Evelyn


“Rose, The Red Hohner was delivered to our house at 8 pm this evening, Phoenix time. It came through the shipping process just fine. I played it for a couple of minutes and it sounds very good and strong. Have to get used to the shorter keyboard.  Tomorrow I shall give it a work out. Great job Rose.”

– Frank


“Dear Ms. Oliver (Rose), I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally meet the legendary “Accordion Rose”. It appears to me that you rarely meet your customers so I feel really privileged to have met such a charming and talented person as yourself. The accordion is lovely and probably much more than I can give justice to, but I will enjoy trying. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. If I can do anything for you, I will consider it a pleasure to be able to assist.”

– Carlos


“Hi Rosie, the work you did on my accordion is wonderful! It’s a pleasure to play again, and I should have sent it to you two years ago! I’ll certainly contact you for further work (my backup instrument needs a once-over sometime in the future.)  I’m presuming you got my check already, if not let me know. And thanks so much for the reasonable rate!!”

– Randy


“Hi Rose. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on Fredella! She looks and sounds wonderful. I also greatly appreciate your consideration regarding shipping and whether I needed it for St. Pat’s.”

– Jenni