Accordion Repair & Tuning – Pricing:

Pricing will vary with each instrument.  I can usually determine what needs to be repaired by discussing symptoms over the phone.  However, sight unseen, it is hard to estimate what the problems are.   The value is inside, where the music is, not how good it looks or the name on the instrument.   I do not charge for estimates, provided you pay for shipping.

Basic 120 bass Accordion, standard 41 keys, tuning will run from $150 to $200 a bar, depending on condition, reeds – wax – leathers.

Spot tuning available  $5 – $10 per plate (2 reeds) depending on condition.  You may have 2 – 4 – 6 or 8 reeds per note, to adjust tremolo, dry up reeds or broken reed.     Spot tuning starts at $65.

Tuning and repairs are available on all Button boxes as well.   Prices will vary with each instrument.  Complete tuning $125 a bar depending on condition, reeds – leathers – wax.