Interesting facts about accordions:

The accordion’s basic form is believed to have been invented in Berlin in 1822.

The best accordions are always fully hand-made, especially in the aspect of reeds; completely hand-made reeds have a far better tonal quality than even the best automatically manufactured reeds.

Accordions are assembled with wax and need to stay in conditioned air.  A good range would be 45° to 85°   Too hot or too cold temperatures can change the consistency of the wax.  Wax is used in several areas of the accordion besides mounting the reeds (metal plates) to wooden reed bars.  It also can be found to mount key pads to the arms, in both treble and bass sides on certain types of accordions.

Accordion Rose still uses her father’s recipe from the Trick Bros. Factory, for making her wax.

Another thing to know, be careful when transporting or storing your instrument.  It should always sit in an upright (on its feet) or playing position, never flat.